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Some lomography fun…

So, it’s been ages, but I found some film that hadn’t been developed, so I went and got it processed and was stoked to see some lomography shots.
Here are some of the results.

My favourite…


Skateboard time

A beautiful skate spot…

The Elephant Nature Foundation

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful country of Thailand, do yourself a favor and visit The Elephant Foundation Park in Chiang Mai. During our travels in Thailand we where educated on the Asian elephants and how many of them are not well looked after and are often used for elephant begging, elephant rides and were also used in logging before it became illegal. As both my husband and I love wildlife we wanted a chance to see these ellies without contributing to their neglect and abuse. We found the Elephant Foundation Park online and decided to check it out. As we were staying in Phuket, we had to fly to Chaing Mai for the weekend. That Saturday morning a mini bus picked us up from our hotel and drove us an hour into the jungle where the Park was located.

It was incredible. The Park was founded by a tiny Thai lady Lek, who has dedicated her life to saving the Asian elephant in Thailand. The park has about 36 rescued elephants which each have their own sad story. They are looked after and have a huge property in which they can roam freely. It is a tradition in Thailand to train or break an elephant once it is old enough to work and sadly this tradition is very cruel to the elephants as they are put in a cage, probed and beaten. Lek believes in training elephants using love and positive reinforcement and she is trying to show this to the Thai people. She has done such an amazing job and visiting the park I felt so encouraged to see so many volunteers and there was such a positive vibe. They also rescue stray dogs and water buffalo. There are day trips to the park and you can also volunteer for a week where you help out picking banana’s and what not as well get educated more on the issue. We had an amazing vegetarian lunch provided for us and we got to feed the elephants and even help bathe them. It was good to know our money went to such a good cause and we are so excited to go back and volunteer next time.

Keep it up Elephant Nature Foundation!

This poor girl stood on a landmine and has to be chained by the leg in order to give her medication. 😦

Sipping on some tropical awesomeness!

Tropical Thailand beachtime at the tourist packed Patong beach. Awesomeness.

Thailand Time

After I got married my new hubby and I headed off to Thailand to look for work as English teachers. So far it has been amazing. Thailand is so beautuful, hot, full of mad scooter drivers, has amazing beaches and forests, awesome food, smiley people and rich culture. We have moved into a little room and we hired a scooter so all we need now is to find good jobs. Let’s hope we can do it!

What a day…

The last couple of weeks have been the craziest and busiest weeks of my life and finally things have started to slow down and I can start giving my blog some attention. I thought, because I have just gotten married and it was such a beautiful, amazing, rad day and our photographer was just too good to be true, I just have to share some of the photos from the day. Our photographer Duane Smith, from Richards Bay did such an awesome job and I’m just so stoked with his pictures. Have a look…


Some nature

So I have been so incredibly busy with wedding planning, plans to move to Thailand and writing exams that I have totally neglected my blog and thought it about time I post some more pics. As I have’nt really had time to go out and shoot, I found some old photo’s that I thought were pretty pretty!